While celebrating at a pep rally in Gainesville Florida Tim Tebow told the cheering crowd, "Oh by the way, Let's do it again! I'm coming back."

This is the right move for the Florida Gators quarterback. He was projected to go in the third or fourth round of this years NFL draft as an H-Back. Barring an injury, he will rank around the same place in the 2010 draft next season. Returning to play one more year and showing off his improved passing skills will only help his NFL stock.

Tim Tebow won a national championship while splitting time as a quarterback when he was a freshmen, he won a Heisman as a sophomore, he won a second national title as a junior. By returning for his senior season Tebow has the opportunity to do the unthinkable, two Heisman trophies and three national titles in one coligiate career. Now that's four years well spent.

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