Super Bowl 42... XLII, for those of you that insist on the Roman numerals. There's going to be a lot of food eaten, more beer than Milwaukee can make and money will pass hands. Granted, some passing of the dead presidents will be legal and on the up and up. Others will try and break the rules.

So, for those of you that are tempted to lay some green down, here goes...

The Pats are a 12 point favorite with the over/under (that's the total number of points scored by the two teams) at 54 1/2. How the hell does a team score half a point? I think the Pats will not over cover the spread, they'll blanket it.

Other interesting odds (from Danny Sheridan)... (Source - USA Today)

Game going into overtime - 12 to 1

Interception by Tom Brady - 7 to 5, interception by Eli Manning - 1 to 2

Players to score the first touchdown

Randy Moss - 5 to 1, Laurence Maroney and Wes Welker - 7 to 1,  Plaxico Burress - 8 to 1, Manning - 30 to 1, Brady 22 to 1. Now, if you were to take NO PLAYER at 1 million to 1 and win, you would be set for life. At the same time, the IRS and your state's tax office (unless you live in Texas, Florida or Tennesse or any other state with no income tax) would like to have a word with you.

Sheridan says that there would be seven touchdowns, Brady (290 yards, 3 touchdowns) would outshine Manning (220 yards,2 touchdowns). I would take that action.

So... any takers?  


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