Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Dwight Howard — super slam dunk champion.

A red cape trailing behind him, Orlando Magic’s man of steel made like Superman and won perhaps the best dunk contest, definitely the most creative, in NBA history to close a memorable All-Star Saturday. If you did not watch the dunk contest, you probably missed the best one in the at least the last decade. For won of Howards dunks he took of his Magic jersey and had a Superman shirt on and attached a Superman cape and preformed a dunk that was unbelieveable. It was one of the best dunks of the night.

He scored perfect 50s on his first two dunks and then in the final round when it was turned over to the fans for voting they agreed with the judges. I guess Howard 6-foot-11 dispelled an old dunking myth: Big men can fly high.

In the past couple of years the dunk contest has taking a back seat because there were a lot of young not known players in it but this year with Howard and last years winner, Gerald Green, the two front runners it most definitely to the lived up to the hype. Howard used creative dunks that brought the fans to there feet. Its going to be for next years competitors to live up to how great this years contest was.

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