I hope that everyone will be resting this bye week and getting ready for the big game. USAToday (Mc Paper) has the Pats as a 12 point favorite with the over under 54. That's sounds good to me.

Now for the main event. Everyone talking about "What if team A from such and such year played team B from such and such year?" What if we extended that to those teams that have played in the Super Bowl (not the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet or that bowl that Victoria's Secret is sponsoring --- although I wouldn't mind covering that one - the VS, not the Puppy Bowl!) a minimum of 1 time. I went to and did just that. Here are the scores and the sites that they played in. The years are the the season they went to the Super Bowl, not the calendar year, so for example, the 1998 Atlanta Falcons against the 1993 Buffalo Bills.  I've also added the MVP of the game and their totals.

1998 Atlanta Falcons vs. 1993 Buffalo Bills at Tampa Stadium (Buffalo wins 30-3) MVP - Thurman Thomas (Buffalo - 21 carries for 110 yards, TD)

1976 Minnesota Vikings vs. 1993 Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Coliseum (Minnesota wins 12-7) MVP - Chuck Foreman (Minnesota - 23 carries for 71 yards; 5 catches for 96 yards)

1976 Minnesota Vikings vs. 1988 Cincinnati Bengals at Orange Bowl (Cincinnati wins 24-14) MVP - Icky Woods (Cincinnati - 18 carries for 187 yards, 3 TDS)

1976 Minnesota Vikings vs. 1999 Tennessee Titans at Orange Bowl (Tennessee wins 9-6) MVP - Chuck Foreman (Minnesota - 20 carries for 111 yards, TD) 

2005 Seattle Seahawks vs. 1988 Cincinnati Bengals at Tulane Stadium, New Orleans (Seattle wins 34-16) MVP - Matt Hasslebeck (Seattle - 20 for 26, 356 yards, 3 TDS, 0 interceptions)

2003 Carolina Panthers vs. 1988 Cincinnati Bengals at Gator Bowl (Cincinnati wins 21-19) MVP - Stephen Davis (Carolina - 21 carries for 222 yards, TD)

1976 Minnesota Vikings vs. 1994 San Diego Chargers at Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, Arizona (Minnesota wins 14-11) MVP - Chuck Foreman (Minnesota - 19 carries for 60 yards, TD)

1998 Atlanta Falcons vs. 1988 Cincinnati Bengals at Rice Stadium, Houston (Atlanta wins 48-17) MVP - Chris Chandler (Atlanta - 18 for 27, 290 yards, 5 TDS, 1 INT)

1998 Atlanta Falcons vs. 1994 San Diego Chargers at Reliant Stadium (San Diego wins 16-7) MVP - Stan Humphries (San Diego - 13 for 19, 204 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT)

1998 Atlanta Falcons vs. 1999 Tennessee Titans at Alltel Stadium, Jacksonville (Atlanta wins 26-16) MVP - Jamal Anderson (Atlanta - 22 carries for 144 yards, 1 TD Reception)


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