Madison Avenue spends a hell of a lot of money to make us laugh and get us to buy the products they're selling to us. 37 advertisers will be on Super Bowl XLII to get us to either buy their stuff or talk about their ads as work. How good will they be? Not sure. But according to USA Today, these folks are shelling out $2.7 million per slot (yes, that's right!) to get their message across.

Bud Light will lead the way with six ads, while Bridgestone, Career Builder, Cars.Com, Coke, Doritos, E Trade, Hyundai, Salesgenie and Toyota are next with two each. While Victoria Secret will not be having the Lingerie Bowl, they will have an ad, making its apperance in the 3rd quarter. It's not Bud Bowl but it might be worth your time. Not making an appearance will be Go, who couldn't get their ad past the censors because of the word beaver.

So, enjoy the game. Enjoy the Halftime Show. More importantly, enjoy the ads.


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