Strat-0-Matic baseball is a board game played with individual players cards, dice and a few charts. You can use current stars and their teams, All-Time Great players or Great Teams of The Past. There is also a CD-Rom computer based version and another on The Sporting News website. On that particluar site you can join a league and draft your own team. You don't actually use the dice or the cards but rather, set your lineups and your pitching staff and the computer plays the games for you. The seasons run 162 games and 3 games are played nightly. Each morning you will have box scores and results sent to your home page. Your home page lists the standings where all league statistics are accessible. You can release players, pick up free agents and even make trades with other team owners. It's a modest charge and lots of fun. I recommend it for any fan of baseball who is statistically driven. Give it a try.

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