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Normally, people would put an introductory paragraph here....I as well, felt compelled to qualify all that follows but let's just get to the point:

MVP - Chris Paul - Led the league in steals and assists and was more valuable to his team...if he shot as much as Kobe...(can you imagine the numbers??) Runners up - KG, T McGrady, STAT, Lebron

Rookie of the Year - it's gotta be Durant, how can you argue...well honorable mention to Al Horford, Luis Scola (though he is a "VETERAN" rookie), Al Thornton, and Juan Carlos Navarro.

Exectutive of the Year - Steve Kerr - "uh, psst, Steve...(in a whisper) yer BALLS are showing" said Ron Wolfley. Not only did he make the riskiest trade in acquiring a 35-year-old Shaq for an All-star Marion...he brought in a refreshed Hill (and HEALTHY might I add) and replaced a weak 8-spot James Jones with a DEPENDABLE and hustling G Giricek.

Coach of the Year - Rick Adelman - how can you argue against a TWENTY-TWO game win streak, 2nd best in NBA history...oh ya, W/O Yao?

Sixth Man - LB (Leandro Barbosa) - I ONLY choose him over Ginobili because LB is a TRUE 6th man where Ginobili is a starter that happens to come off the bench a few minutes into each game.

Eighth Man - Never heard of it? Well, I introduce the category as Gordon Giricek CLEARLY deserves the accolade - no team can depend on an 8th man hustling, diving, scoring as much or playing with the defensive intensity that G Squared brings to the Suns.

Most Improved - Rudy Gay - he turned into the REAL THING..smooth and left handed.

Best Product endorsement - Wade describing Barkley as a statue-esque character on horseback...eating a CheeseSteak (funny S**t)

Best Trade of the Year - Shaq for Marion and Marcus Banks (I wonder if Marion wants Rose or Beasely with the #1 pick)

Most devastating injury - Elton Brand with honorable mention to Greg Oden.

Most Pathetic season - Team - Knicks (drama drama), runner up goes to Heat

Most Pathetic season - player - Gerald Green - from B-Day cake dunk to TRADED and RELEASED

Hottest NBA player - KG's intensity is hypnotizing - Amare is runner-up (just wait, more to come....)

Ugliest NBA player - Chris Kamen - close runner ups to Sam Cassell, Baron Davis' beard and Boozer

Funniest Play of the Year - Shaq parting the Orange Sea

Whatever happened to: Synthetic balls.

Best "LIVE" Stiles Household moment(s) of the season - the many interesting interactions with Suns announcer/legend Tom Chambers. Honorable mentions: seeing Shaq with the Heat, Suns three-fest vs. the Nuggets

Play-off predictions:

2nd round West - Lakers, Jazz, Suns and Mavericks

2nd round East - Celtics, Cavs, Magic, Pistons

West Finals - Suns vs Lakers...Suns win in 6

East Finals - Pistons vs Celtics...Pistons win in 5

NBA FINALS - Suns vs Pistons - Suns win in 7 - STAT Finals MVP

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