Steve Slaton, how did he become one of the premier running backs in the NFL?  Maybe it was Andre Johnson, taking pressure off of the running game or the Offensive Line being great, or it was the real reason.  He is a great running back.  He was a starter at West Virgina with Pat White.  When he was drafted in the 3rd Round nobody thought that he would be the leading rookie rusher.  Yes, it wasn't Chris Johnson or Matt Forte, it was Steve Slaton.  This  year Slaton is a potential star.  He is projected over 1,000 yards rushing and 8-10 TDs.  Do you think that Steve Slaton could be one of the premier backs in the league right now?  He could be.  He is rated ahead of the great Ladainian Tomlinson, and Chris Johnson, and in some magazines or websites he is rated ahead of Michael Turner, Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, and Matt Forte.  Do we have a new star in NFL?  I'll let you decide.

A star?

<pollembed title="Is Steve Slaton a Future Star For Years to Come?"></pollembed>

No matter which choice you choose if Steve Slaton plays like he did in his rookie season he will blow by expectations and become a premier running back in this league.

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