I have to get my opinion out there on this subject, specifically talking about Bonds. Even though he has practically been forgotten. Imagine if Barry Bonds had not taken steroids. Would he have broken the home - run record? Definitely YES! Would it have happened in '07? Probably not, but who knows. Lets think about this statistically. The man had broken the single season record for most home runs in 2001. This is the year that people says he "allegedly" took steroids. Barry Bonds had 73 home runs that season. He averaged at least 40 home runs in the other seasons around 2001 . So 73 - 40 obviously equals 33. Now he currently is 7 ahead of Hank Aaron leaving only 26 more to go if he had not taken steroids. Take away the relationship of the words steroids and Bonds and you have a man who would have been loved by all. Not only that but for the '08 season he would actually have a team to sign with whether it be the Giants or not. I can safely that if Bonds was ever resigned to a team under my situation he would have BROKEN THE HOME RUN RECORD WITHOUT THE NEED OF STEROIDS! I do have to say this is all a situation and all accusations against him have not been proved. Most of us do not need proof to back up what we think whether it be the case of Bonds or Clemens.

So do steroids really help? Leave Comments.

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