The Seattle Supersonics want to leave the Emerald City. Their excuse? They say their current arena, Key Arena, is too old. That building doesn't look that old to me. Granted, it was built in the 1970's but that's not a good enough reason to leave. However, that is their choice. I really wish they wouldn't. Stay in Seattle, guys. What is going to take to keep you in Seattle on the west coast? Will it take a big check from Bill Gates? Hopefully. Will it take money from Starbucks and all the triple shot lattes you can chug?

Okay, so you want to leave. Okay, you can go. On one condition.

You leave everything that has a Supersonic logo on it in Seattle. Nothing (and I mean NOTHING!) leaves Seattle and if there is so much as a paper clip gone, you will be sued so fast not even Nancy Grace can save you. Don't do what the Houston Oilers did and call themselves the Tennessee Oilers. At least when you do leave, say a proper goodbye. Don't be like a guy on a one night stand where he sleeps with a girl and doesn't even call her the next day. That would be cold.

You're too important for the NBA and its history and you're too important for you to leave one of the best sports towns in the country high and dry with no pro hoops, other than the WNBA and a 3 hour drive to Portland down Interstate 5 to see the Trailblazers. Stay, I beg you. If you don't, Howard Schultz will be the most hated man in Seattle. Build the new arena, get help with it from the city of Seattle but your moving WILL put a major dent in the Seattle economy. There's also talk that the city may want to purchase the team to keep them in Seattle. Make them an offer they can't (or won't) refuse.

If you leave... you may find Jack Sikma's head in your bed. Capice?

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