The 2007-08 National Hockey League season will come to an end April 6th. The last game on the docket will be Phoenix at Anaheim. Teams are scrambling for playoff spots like OJ running for an airplane (not the one piloted by Leslie Neilsen) and some teams may be out in the cold when the playoffs get underway.

If the playoffs were tonight, the Battle for Lord Stanley's Cup (La Coupe Stanley, for you in French Canada), Round 1 would look this way:

Eastern Divison

(1) Pittsburgh [83 Pts] vs. (8) Philadelphia [74 Pts] (Philadelphia leads head to head 4-1 with three meetings left, 2 in Pittsburgh, 1 in Philadelphia)

(2) Montreal [81 Pts] vs. (7) New York Rangers [77 Pts] (New York won head to head series 3-1)

(3) Carolina [73 Pts] vs. (6) Boston [77 Pts] (Carolina won head to head series 3-1)

(4) New Jersey [82 Pts] vs. (5) Ottawa [80 Pts] (New Jersey and Ottawa split head to head series 2-2)

Western Divison

(1) Detroit [92 Pts] vs. (8) Colorado [74 Pts] (Detroit swept head to head series 4-0)

(2) Dallas [87 Pts] vs. (7) Vancouver [74 Pts] (Dallas leads head to head series 2-1, 1 meeting left in Dallas)

(3) Minnesota [79 Pts] vs. (6) Calgary [77 Pts] (Calgary leads head to head series 5-1, 2 meetings left, 1 in Calgary, 1 in Minnesota)  

(4) Anaheim [83 Pts] vs. (5) San Jose [82 Pts] (Anaheim leads head to head series 5-1, 2 meetings left, 1 in Anaheim, 1 in San Jose)

Seeding is based on total points. Also included is how each team did in head to head matchups.

My first round picks?

Eastern Division

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia in 7 games

Montreal over New York Rangers in 5 games

Boston over Carolina in 5 games

Ottawa over New Jersey in 7 games

Western Divison

Detroit over Colorado in 6 games

Dallas over Vancouver in 6 games

Calgary over Minnesota in 4 games

Anaheim over San Jose in 5 games

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