Sometimes what you say can get you in a hell of a lot of trouble. What Stanford coach Trent Johnson did helped the Cardinal overcome Marquette 82-81 in overtime in the NCAA South Regional in Anaheim, California Saturday. He had to raise some major hell with the officials to get his point across.

Whatever the magic word or words were is of little importance but it's probably not as bad as George Carlin's 7 "Dirty Words You Can't Say On Television."  He was basically fighting for his team and for that he got tossed. He did walk on the court, which is a big no-no in the eyes of the NCAA. He may even be punished by the Pacific 10 Conference for the action in question. But in any case, the Cardinal, whose famous alums include Jim Plunkett, John Elway, Chelsea Clinton and a fellow named Woods (yes, THAT Woods), move on to Houston and Reliant Stadium next week, where they'll do battle with the Miami-Texas winner next weekend.

According to Curtis Shaw, one of the game officials in Saturday's contest, Johnson continued to complain and walked out on the floor. Shaw said, paraphasing the NCAA Rule Book, "during a timeout, coaches are allowed to stay in the vicinity of their bench.” They are not allowed to walk out on the floor and continue to complain. He was warned in the first half visibly with a ‘stop’ signal. ‘Trent, that’s enough.’“

I think that a one-game suspension is in order, if the Pacific 10 deems it so. After all, Johnson didn't punch the guy in the mouth, like Cleavon Little did to that horse in "Blazing Saddles." He fought for his guys when they needed it. It may cost him a game or two. But Trent Johnson went Twisted Sister and said, "We're not gonna take it!"



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