It's March and its time for the Boys of Spring to warm things up after this cold an snowy winter that most of the has been through. That includes lots of the Southern States. I remember going to Florida, with the College Baseball team to play a couple of games in Miami. On the trip down we notice lots of cars from Canada that were going down there to either see then the Montreal Expos and Toronto Blue Jays play their spring trainning games, and also to get away from the cold weather in Canada.

And to see the other teams that may be they might not get to see. To check out what their two teams have and get a pick at the futurer players that are being give a look at by not only the fans but the Coaches and front offices people. Not a bad way to spend your Spring Vacation and for College Students to enjoy Spring break.

The games don't count in the standings, but  to the players who are trying to make the MLB rosters the games do count, because when Spring Trainning is over andthe teams roster are cut down to 25 players  lots of them want their names to be there. Well some will and for the others back to the Minor Leagues in hope that by themiddle of the season they might  get the call that they are going to the show.

Spring Trainning in both Forida and Arizona is well worth it. So if any of yall are going to the games enjoy yourself and enjoy them.


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