What is better for a sports fan than the NCAA tournament, Spring Training, NFL's crazy offseason, NBA playoffs and the playoff "races", and NHL playoffs? I cannot think of anything. There is something for everybody. I am not a fan of college sports but A LOT of the country is. They have the basketball tournament taking over their lives and anything can happen in the blink of an eye. At the same time baseball fans around the world rejoice because Spring is in the air. They can finally forget about the terrible, terrible things that happened last season and look to the bright future they have in their HOTT corner and on the mound for the next at least six years. The NFL always has an unpredictable offseason and this year tops them all. Spy-Gate is not going away and the Jets are spending money like there is no tomorrow. The NBA playoffs are coming and in the West it is anyone's game. This time there is a race but because there are so many teams that make it, it usually turns into a non-race. The only reason I am interested in the NHL playoffs is for one Sidney Crosby. He is the bright spot of a fallen NHL. He may go on to have the best career since Wayne Gretzky, but that is another article for another time.

I cannot believe Spring has finally sprung! Now I have to go do my homework...That doesn't go away until summer

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