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In a typical in season meeting held in St. Petersburgh Florida, the NFL owners gathered to talk about the state of the league and propose possible ideas to help improve play for the upcoming season. The constant them from this weeks meetings was 'football readiness.' Out of the idea of improving a teams readiness for the upcoming season came the idea of spring football. Now this is very common place within the realm of college football, where pretty much every team holds spring practices that lead up to an inner squad scrimmage. The games have become so popular that many large college programs sell out these scrimmages and some are even covered by ESPN. Having seen this success NFL owners are now examining the possibility of adding spring football into the NFL mix. The idea of spring football becomes even more important with the proposed idea of expanding the regular season to 17 or even 18 games, with the the goal of must likely eliminating one or two preseason football games. While no verdict was reach on the idea of spring football, or expanding the regular season, both ideas are on the table and in full discussion. One can bet that both topics will be looked into further come the spring owners meetings once the 2008 NFL season has wrapped.

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