It’s a football weekend. Yes the NFL draft is this weekend. has posted betting odds for the draft.

Who will be the second QB drafted? Brian Brohm -120, followed by Chad Henne at +170 and Joe Flacco at +175. The field is +400.  Virtually all projections of course have Matt Ryan going first. The sportsbooks odds are in line with rankings as well as most projections, which also have Brohm going second at the signal calling position.

One can even bet on which position teams will pick. The Dallas Cowboys are rumored to be trying to trade up to draft Arkansas running back Darren McFadden. Not surprisingly running back is the most likely position they will draft first, but an interesting proposition is “any other position” other than running back, wide receiver or cornerback at +200.

Which team will draft Illinois ball control running back Rashard Mendenhall? The Detroit Lions are even money, followed by Chicago at +250, and Houston at +275.

Philadelphia Eagles fans are chomping at the bit to draft a wide receiver. Gamblers can wager in which round they will pick one. If you bet not in the first four rounds and are right, collect +500.

One can wager which side of the ball the Indianapolis Colts will draft. Will Chad Johnson be traded during the draft? When will the Atlanta Falcons draft a quarterback?

Check out for more betting options for the NFL draft, American Idol Vegas odds, Stanley Cup playoffs, and NBA playoff betting odds as well.

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