This is actually a question for the community - are you ready for a series of articles addressing the interweaving of religion and sports?

For an ordained minister, I really do hate to get all spiritual in a public forum but... I wanted to address a running series of articles I've been thinking of writing (say, twice a month) observing the correlation of the soul and the field of play.

I pray a lot:

The Pats lost the Super Bowl

Shaq traded to the Suns

Curt Schilling says "no comment"

So... Tim McCarver should really watch his back!!!

I ask you 'chair

IS there room on the 'chair for discussion of the spiritual type? Keep in mind that I don't want to push, compare or rationalize the merits of any religion - I just want to share viewpoints of the interdimentions of humanity and faith in the sports realm.

If religion is a part of an athlete's life or impacting sports is it something we can address here on Armchair without it devolving into immature bullshit or should we try it and see? I'm curious about what you think, community...

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