I know that there are some people who dislike Round 1 Mock Drafts, seeing as how most of it can be (and most often is) incorrect. Get one pick wrong and your entire Mock Draft can go down the tubes. Never mind that a Round 2 mock draft is basically like predicting which Bengals players will be arrested this season. You might get a lot right, but your going to miss a couple of people. It’s inevitable.

I am aware of this and after having already thrown myself into a Round 1 mock I figured, why the hell not throw myself into a Round 2? Instead of breaking it into three categories which will likely progressively lose interest, I will pound out one entire Round 2 Mock Draft. I will get most of them wrong, but who cares? In my mind the entire reason for mock drafts is not seeing if those people will get 100% correct (which they most certainly will not) it’s that your educating your readers (and yourself) on the entire draft. The majority of fans only get into who their team selects. Read a Mock Draft, and you get a better feel on who is going where and why for the entire league. If your reading them for accuracy, than your an idiot. That’s all I have to say.

So if you don’t like Mock Drafts, just stop reading, because your brain might explode at my prognostications. If you want to be educated a bit more on the draft, specifically Round 2, who most fans don’t pay attention to mainly because of their lack of knowledge, than please read on. Join me in a journey of learning about the upcoming NFL Draft, because there are no games going on and this is the purest NFL fix I can get right now.

As always, enjoy.

You can read round 1 in three parts: Here, here and here (Don’t ask me why I broke it up in three, because I’m not entirely sure). So, without further ado: here’s the draft:

Dolphins logo small

Round 2 - Pick 32 (MIA) Martellus Bennett - TE - Texas A&M

Looking to build on their offense and be a well rounded team, a TE this early might be a stretch but Bennett is definitely capable of making contributions.

Rams logo small

Round 2 - Pick 33 (STL) Carl Nicks - OT - Nebraska

Having already taken Jake Long in Round 1, the Rams would do well to further build upon the weakest part of their team: the offensive line. A good thing, too, because if they don’t than Marc Bulger might not be around for much longer.

Falcons logo Nov20

Round 2 - Pick 34 (ATL [from OAK]) Sam Baker - OT - USC

With Matt Ryan at the helm of the offense, the Falcons will need a big capable body to protect him. Look no further than Sam Baker from USC, the best offensive lineman on the board for the Falcons to take.

Chiefs logo small

Round 2 - Pick 35 (KC) Lawrence Jackson - DE - USC

With Jared Allen likely gone, the Chiefs need someone else to plug in on the defensive end spot. As we saw from the Super Bowl, two skilled tight ends can wreak havoc on even the best QB and offensive line.

Jets logo small

Round 2 - Pick 36 (NYJ) James Hardy - WR - Indiana

The Jets are in need of a WR and James Hardy is the best WR available. Is he going to win rookie of the year? I doubt it, but the Jets need depth at WR and James Hardy certainly has the skills to fill a role in the Jets offense.

Falcons logo Nov20

Round 2 - Pick 37 (ATL) Duane Brown - OT - Virginia Tech

If you take a potential franchise QB, why not take as many talented offensive lineman as you can? Duane Brown, along with Sam Baker have the potential to protect Matt Ryan for a long while.

Ravens logo small

Round 2 - Pick 38 (BAL) Antoine Cason - CB - Arizona

The Ravens defense, while still skillful, isn’t getting any younger. And with recent injuries, expect the Ravens to take some defensive backs if capable players fall in their lap.

49ers small logo

Round 2 - Pick 39 (SF) Quentin Groves - DE - Auburn

Although the 49ers might want to look at taking a QB in the draft, the smart thing to do would be to build upon their defense. Their offense has the tools to put up some points so if their defense is built upon, they could be the sleeper in 2008 many picked them to be last year.

Saints logo small

Round 2 - Pick 40 (NO) Dan Connor - ILB - Penn State

We all know the Saints offense is capable of putting up big numbers, so there’s no reason they wouldn’t take a linebacker along the lines of Dan Connor in the second round.

Bills logo small

Round 2 - Pick 41 (BUF) John Carlson - TE - Notre Dame

The Bills need targets for whoever their QB is in 2008 to throw to. A big body like Carlson will do wonders in the red zone.

Broncos logo small

Round 2 - Pick 42 (DEN) Trevor Laws - DT - Notre Dame

As of late, though the defensive line hasn’t played up to par, expect the Broncos to attempt and remedy the situation with a defensive tackle or end early in the draft.

Panthers logo small

Round 2 - Pick 43 (CAR) DaJaun Morgan - S - North Carolina St.

Classic example of a team picking the best available player to fit their needs. Morgan will add excellent depth and extra options for the Panthers defensive scheme.

Bears logo small

Round 2 - Pick 44 (CHI) Joe Flacco - QB - Delaware

Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton battling it out for the starting job? Does that sound unappealing to anyone else? The Bears would be smart to add a skilled rookie in the mix through the draft. Not to mention, many people are saying Joe Flacco could be the sleeper of the entire thing.


Round 2 - Pick 45 (DET) Tyrell Johnson - S - Arkansas St.

The Detroit secondary? Meet Tyrell Johnson. He’s going to make you better.

Bengals logo

Round 2 - Pick 46 (CIN) Early Doucette - WR - LSU

The fastest player in the entire draft who also happens to have the best first name in the entire draft. With a potential Chad Johnson trade coming up, it would behoove the Bengals to take a WR -- especially with the release of Chris Henry.


Round 2 - Pick 47 (MIN) Thomas DeCoud - S - California

With no safety depth and a safety along the lines of DeCoud being available, expect the Vikings to pull the trigger.

Falcons logo Nov20

Round 2 - Pick 48 (ATL [from HOU]) Patrick Lee - CB - Auburn

With DeAngelo Hall being dealt to Oakland, Atlanta looks to begin filling their defensive needs with this pick. They would be more than happy to land Lee here.

Eagles logo small

Round 2 - Pick 49 (PHI) Andre Caldwell - WR - Florida

Yes, they took Devin Thomas in Round 1 -- but why not take another receiver in Round 2 and hope they both work out? Since they didn’t score a premier wide receiver in free agency, that wouldn’t be a bad move.

Cardinals logo small

Round 2 - Pick 50 (ARI) Justin King - CB - Penn St.

With Chris Williams in the bag at this point, Justin King in the second round to fill their cornerback need would make many in Arizona very, very happy.

Redskins logo small

Round 2 - Pick 51 (WAS) Donnie Avery - WR - Houston

Avery along with Malcolm Kelly, barring the rookies both being busts, would do wonders for the Redskins receiving corps. Jason Campbell would be thrilled.

Buccaneers logo small

Round 2 - Pick 52 (TB) Chilo Rachal - OG - USC

Having already landed a receiver in the first round in Limas Sweed, the Bucs would improve their offensive line greatly by landing Rachal here. He was a beast at USC and looks to translate into a successful pro player.

Steelers logo small

Round 2 - Pick 53 (PIT) Tracy Porter - CB - Indiana

With no glaring weaknesses to work on really, the Steelers can work on building depth at various positions after the first round. First up? Defensive backs.

Titans logo small

Round 2 - Pick 54 (TEN) Dre Moore - DT - Maryland

Moore will add depth and a lethal option to cycle in when the rest of the defensive line gets winded.

Seahawks logo small

Round 2 - Pick 55 (SEA) Fred Davis - TE - USC

Fred Davis has the potential to become a great tight end and he will have no problems in regards to opportunity with Matt Hasselbeck slinging footballs at him all year.


Round 2 - Pick 56 (GB) Craig Stevens - TE - California

Whether Brett Favre was back or not, adding a tight end would be a great idea for the Packers overall offensive gameplan.

Dolphins logo small

Round 2 - Pick 57 (MIA) Andre Woodson - QB - Kentucky

Having already drafted some key players at weak positions, the Dolphins can now address their biggest weakness: Quarterback -- and Andre Woodson would fit their offensive scheme perfectly. Correction, any QB here would fit their offensive scheme perfectly.

Jaguars logo small

Round 2 - Pick 58 (JAX) Cliff Avril - DE - Purdue

With Marcus Stroud gone, building depth upon the defensive line only makes sense.

Colts logo small

Round 2 - Pick 59 (IND) Felix Jones - RB - Arkansas

Forget how good Addai is -- everyone needs a breather from time to time and Jones would keep giving it to offenses when Addai no longer can.


Round 2 - Pick 60 (GB) Chris Johnson - RB - East Carolina

Sure, Ryan Grant broke out last year but there’s a thing called injuries you know and all teams need depth at the skill positions.

Cowboys logo small

Round 2 - Pick 61(DAL) Earl Bennett - WR - Vanderbilt

T.O. and Terry Glenn aren’t getting any younger, so the Cowboys need a young, talented receiver here to tutor under Tony Romo.

Patriots logo small

Round 2 - Pick 62 (NE) Ray Rice - RB - Rutgers

With Maroney’s injury problems and Kevin Faulk’s recent legal troubles -- Ray Rice as a potential third down back is appealing.

Giants logo small

Round 2 - Pick 63 (NYG) Xavier Adibi - OLB - Virginia Tech

Xaiver Adibi? Have fun playing behind one of the best defensive lines in football.

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