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Round 1 - Pick 11 (BUF): Mike Jenkins - CB - USF

Classic case of a team filling a need. Some are saying that they are going to trade down in order to get a receiver, but there’s going to be a very talented cornerback or two available for the Bills right here. Why not take one? They could take Talib here as well and again, it's entirely up to their scouting department. Jenkins just seems like a better fit for the Bills defensive unit.

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Round 1 - Pick 12 (DEN): Ryan Clady - OT - Pittsburgh

With Matt Lepsis’ retirement, it’s finally time for Denver to start the rebuilding process on their aging offensive line. Mike Shanahan is known for the fine running game he always puts on the field and it all starts with skilled offensive lineman who fit his system. Ryan Clady does just that. If he’s gone, they’ll be just as happy to take Chris Williams or Jeff Otah -- so they’re sitting pretty at 12.

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Round 1 - Pick 13 (CAR): Jeff Otah - OT - Boise St.

It’s become very clear over the past couple of years that Carolina needs some help on the offensive line. While you can surely land a premier offense lineman during free agency the most successful teams try and score one in the draft. Luckily for the Panthers, there are ample amounts available in the first round -- and Jeff Otah will do just fine. On an related sidenote: DeAngelo Williams will be the breakout player of the year next year.

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Round 1 - Pick 14 (CHI): DeSean Jackson - WR - California

Part of Chicago’s problem are the quarterbacks they have on the team, yes -- but the other problem is the receivers. Sure, Devin Hester is a speedster and a one of a kind on special teams -- but I can count multiple times off hand of seeing him drop key passes last year. With the departure of Bernard Berrian and the lackluster quarterbacks battling for the starting job, the Bears will need a stud wide receiver here.

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Round 1 - Pick 15 (DET): Rashard Mendenhall - RB - Illinois

Does Matt Millen even realize you can take defensive players in the NFL Draft? I don’t think so and until recently, I don’t think he realized you could draft players other than receivers. While he may get some jabs for drafting a skill player yet again in the first round -- if Mendenhall is available here it only makes sense. Kevin Jones looked promising the past couple of years but he’s too much of an injury risk and they desperately need a running back to consistently compliment the passing game.

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Round 1 - Pick 16 (ARI): Chris Williams - OT - Vanderbilt

A lot of people have been blaming Edgerrin James for not producing well in Arizona. While he could be partially to blame I think the real culprits are the offensive line. After his first year in Arizona (1159 yards, 6 TD), Edge was remiss about his season. He didn’t know what he was doing wrong -- until one of his coaches told him: Nothing. They looked at some tape together and realized he had been running exactly where he should have been the whole time and it was amazing he got as much yards as he did. The blocking got a bit better last year, but it still needs help. In steps Chris Williams.

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Round 1 - Pick 17 ( MIN): Derrick Harvey - DE - Florida

This is one of those instances where, if Harvey is here -- Minnesota is 115% going to take him. They filled a need at WR and S with the signing of Bernard Berrian and Madieu Williams respectively. Some have the Vikings taking Brian Brohm here but I think that is absolutely ridiculous -- it would effectively tell Tarvaris Jackson they have given up on him and that wouldn’t do good for his confidence, obviously.

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Round 1 - Pick 18 (HOU): Aqib Talib - CB - Kansas

With Dunta Robinson prepped to miss the entire 2008 season with an ACL injury, the Texans desperately need a CB here. The good thing is that at least one should be available. The bad thing? They will likely get stuck with whoever is left out of the batch of cornerbacks in the first round. Worse things could happen and they could all be gone -- but that is highly unlikely.

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Round 1 - Pick 19 (PHI): Devin Thomas - WR - Michigan State

After failing to obtain Randy Moss in free agency and not really bothering to go after anyone else, the Eagles are in need of a WR. This pick could easily turn into Limas Sweed, too, and it will come down to whoever they like more. The important thing is that Donovan McNabb will hopefully get what he’s been missing since the departure of T.O. and to a lesser extent, Donte Stallworth -- a playmaker at WR.

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Round 1 - Pick 20 (TB): Limas Sweed - WR - Texas

Tampa Bay is just as much in need of a WR as Philadelphia and will likely take whoever the Eagles do not. The good thing is that both Thomas and Sweed are very talented and both should be available for them to take. But crazier things have happened in the draft, so you never know.

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