Okay that’s it, I can’t hold it any longer. After making a few predictions about who a couple of teams would take with their first round draft choices I realized something: I was having entirely too much fun. So, here is my interpretation of the NFL Draft (with a surprise or two).

Dolphins logo small

Round 1 - Pick 1 (MIA): Chris Long - DE - Virginia

First, it was Glenn Dorsey, then it was Matt Ryan, then the Long’s both had their turns. There have been more guesses as to who the Dolphins will take with their first pick than the times Chris Henry has been arrested. Kidding aside, though, I subscribe to the belief that Parcells will take C. Long because he’s a ‘Parcells’ type player, even though it would make a ton of sense to take a QB here. The Dolphins apparently have yet to realize this, however.

Rams logo small

Round 1 - Pick 2 (STL): Jake Long - OT - Michigan

If C. Long goes first, this pick just makes sense. They don’t need a QB, they don’t need a RB and though Glenn Dorsey would be a great fit for St. Louis, if you didn’t notice last year -- the Rams offense line is absolutely horrible. Marc Bulger was apparently not aware of this, though, since he decided to still put his ribs’ health in their hands. A concussion and a few fractured ribs later, Bulger is rooting for J. Long with this pick.

Falcons logo small

Round 1 - Pick 3 (ATL): Matt Ryan - QB - Boston College

Chris Redman is currently listed as the Falcons starting QB. Yes, the same Chris Redman who’s been in the league for five years, yet has only started four games. Call me crazy, but I think the Falcons taking the best QB in the draft is a smart move here.

Raiders logo small

Round 1 - Pick 4 (OAK): Vernon Gholston - DE - Ohio State

Vernon Gholston or Glenn Dorsey -- it could go either way. But a Burgess/Gholston combo for the next couple of years will be a bit too tempting for Lane Kiffin to pass up. Wouldn’t be too surprising if Darren McFadden was picked here in a surprise pick (I mean, it’s Al Davis… come on) but the best possible pick for the Raiders to make would be to take Gholston.

Chiefs logo small

Round 1 - Pick 5 (KC): Glenn Dorsey - DT - L.S.U.

Although their offensive line should be the Chiefs’ primary concern, the next best available OL (Jeff Otah) is too far of a drop off from Glenn Dorsey (or Vernon Gholston if the Raiders take Dorsey). There are ample amounts of promising offensive lineman for the Chiefs to take later -- so they would most likely go with the sure thing here.

Cowboys logo small

Round 1 - Pick 6 (DAL [from NYJ]): Darren McFadden - RB - Arkansas

If McFadden does indeed fall this far, I cannot see Jerry Jones passing up the opportunity to snatch him up. The Jets get pick 22 and 28 and the Cowboys get a second RB to spell with Marion Barber. If this does happen, the Cowboys will supplant the Patriots for the title of: ‘Sickest offense that everyone will play as in Madden.’

Patriots logo small

Round 1 - Pick 7 (NE [from SF]): Leodis Mckelvin - CB - Troy

Best available cornerback filling the biggest weakness for the Patriots. Done and done. However don’t be surprised if Belichick takes Rodgers-Cromartie for special teams purposes.

Ravens logo small

Round 1 - Pick 8 (BAL): Keith Rivers - OLB - USC

Although the Ravens might take Sedrick Ellis here, the run defense last year was great (2nd in the league) and as we all know -- if it’s broke, don’t fix it. Plus, Ray Lewis isn’t getting any younger.

Bengals logo small

Round 1 - Pick 9 (CIN): Sedrick Ellis - DT - USC

Ellis would be a great fit in Cincinnati especially since they are in such dire need of a defensive tackle. If Ellis is taken by the Ravens, though, the Bengals would be just as happy with Keith Rivers. It’s really a win-win for them, because barring a blue moon both Rivers and Ellis will not both go in the top 8.

Saints logo small

Round 1 - Pick 10 (NO): Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - CB - Tennessee St.

While he may not be the best CB in the entire draft, he does have the potential that he can play on special teams going for him. It would be either Rodgers-Cromartie or Aqib Talib here. The Saints are in desperate, I repeat, desperate need of secondary help. Expect them to take more defensive backs in the later rounds as well, to patch it up some.

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