I was not going to post this, but I guess I will. It is from my blog [1]

I am spoiled.

I know it; my favorite sport’s teams spoiled the crap out of me for the last few years. I have seen things in the past eight years that some people will never see in their entire lifetime.

The Boston Red Sox have won two World Series Championships, one coming back from a 3-0 series deficit against the Yankees, and another coming back from 3-1 against the Indians and two of the best pitchers in the game (that season).

The New England Patriots have won three Super Bowls. They went 16-0 in 2007, and they won 21 straight at one point and 19 straight regular season games between 2006 and 2007.

The Celtics had the best record in the league last year and won an NBA championship, although they had 16 previous so lots of people so that, but still.

Nothing really special about the Bruins, except collapses in the post-season and regular season, I guess that’s something kind of new. Since the Bruins were pretty good back in the day.

You could even toss in college hockey in Boston. Both Boston College and Boston University have been real good the past few years with BC appearing in 4 national championship games, winning in 2001 and 2008.

So why, after all that I have seen and celebrated, why do these losses hurt so badly? Why did my heart drop when Eli Manning raised the Vince Lombardi Trophy? Why was it so painful when Montreal knocked out my underdog Bruins in 7 games? Why was I so disappointed when Manny gave up on us and left us for dead? Why did I hide from the world when Tom Brady was lying on the turf in pain? Why do I feel like a piece of me dies with every Matt Cassel error? Why do I hit things when the Patriots lose? Why do I get so heated when I hear Julio Lugo’s name? Why did the Ray’s scare me? Why did I skip street hockey to watch the Sox in game 7? Why did my room full of people go deadly silent when Jed Lowrie bounced into a routine ground out? Why did I drop to my knees when Akinori Iwamura leaped into the air after tagging second? Why am I in current hiding from ESPN and most sports news sources? Why do I second-guess every Boston coach and general manager? Why did the Bruins trade Joe Thornton (is that going back to far?)? Why can’t the Bruins sign a big name player? Why can’t Jeremy Jacobs just be happy with his money and sell the Bruins? And why can’t I just be happy with the rings we have?

I don’t know. And I guess if I knew the answers to all of those questions I wouldn’t be a Boston sport’s fan. I suppose this is why I want to be a writer, so I can figure out the mystery that is the sports fan, and the games themselves.

That being said, the Red Sox loss hurts, the Patriots struggles are confusing and the Bruins are underway, on their way to certain disappointment. All is right in Celtic land though. Only a few months till spring training!

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