" Vox populi, vox dei." The voice of the people is the will of God, as a math teacher of mine once told us. Macon Music fans have spoken and the team's plans to parody former New York governor Eliot Spitzer have been scrubbed. The idea got whacked like Big Pussy on " The Sopranos." By a vote total of 3,014 or 55 percent against to 2,516 in the affirmative, the idea is dead. Never to rear its head again. I don't see a recall in the future.

The results were announced by team officials, according to the March 23rd Macon Telegraph. The team made national headlines, even geting mentions on ESPN's Mike and Mike and Fox News, for the idea to poke fun at the former governor and his involvement with a prostitute in Washington. Polling on the team's website to decide if the event were to live or die ended at noon Eastern time Saturday.

While I personally didn't condone Spitzer's actions, which could get him some prison time as well as possible disbarment, I did kind of think it was funny as well as clever. At the same time, Macon is smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, which got some people really steamed. Fan support outweighed promotions. The people won. Just for the record, I voted for the idea. 

The people have spoken. It was fun while it lasted and I hope that the team comes up with something as good, if not better than this idea.  Granted, it didn't have the charm and humor of Potato Night to honor former Cleveland Indians outfield Joe Charboneau.

The tribe has spoken.


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