The Boston Red Sox opened up the off-season by talking about a six-man rotation, what a good idea! It would help Daisuke Matsuzaka, give old timers Curt Schilling and Tim Wakefield an extra day, and give the youngsters Jon Lester and Buchholz a chance to adapt to a full major league season. Only one problem: you would limit the innings of your best pitcher, Josh Beckett. Well, not to worry any more. The Sox can barely make a five-man rotation. Josh Beckett is having back problems and is iffy for opening day, although the long time prognosis looks good. Daisuke Matsuzaka is healthy but do to the expected birth of his second child he is questionable for the Japan trip as well. Then Curt Schilling the projected number three starter at the beginning of the off-season, well we all know that story. He will not pitch until at least the All-Star beak and perhaps never again. That brings us to Tim Wakefield, who looks like he is still healthy and is pitching great in spring training. Hopefully he can remain strong and healthy all season. The projected number five starter was Jon Lester. Now he is defiantly in the rotation and may even pitch in the Japan series. He has had a rough spring but looks as though he has returned to form.

Then the possible six man Clay Buchholz looks as though he will have a spot in the rotation to start the season anyway, as he has had a few rough outings this spring but he looks as though he could bounce back strong.

So with the injuries and guy’s possibly missing time during the season because of possible injuries, who else is there? Bartolo Colon! The very overweight former Cy Young winner will make his spring debut in the coming week and will most likely be a long reliever out of the pen. Then there is the usual guys such as Julian Taveraz and Kyle Snyder both of which will eat up some innings out of the pen, to start the year any way.

So what happens if that is enough? Well here are some options:

Sign Freddy Garcia. The big man is coming off an injury plagued year that saw him get shut down in May, but each season that he has been healthy for he has eaten up 200 innings all but once (his rookie season). It could be a risk, and if they don’t need him it is not necessary, but if they get desperate.

Trade Coco Crisp. This will most likely happen; it is just weather they send him out for pitching or a bench player. If pitching is the answer they most likely will not get anything better than a number five or a bullpen guy.

And if all else fails Roger Clemens and David Wells are still available! Ha! Something tells me the Sox aren’t that desperate.


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