The rivalry that is Boston-New York has gotten a little bit stranger. No, Pedro hasn't thrown Don Zimmer to the ground, Jason Varitek hasn't gotten into another fight with A-Rod and Buck Dent is not coming out of retirement. Just when you thought things were strange, it gets stranger.

It seems that there are Red Sox fans in the Bronx. According to and, construction workers jackhammered through the concrete of the new Yankee Stadium Sunday and pulled out a David Ortiz jersey from underneath the concrete. It seems that a construction worker named Gino Castignoli buried the jersey because he hates the Yankees with a passion. Keep in mind, this is New York, where, according to Playboy magazine, Jimmy Hoffa is buried underneath the 20 yard line at Giants Stadium.

After locating the shirt in a service corridor behind what will be a restaurant in the new stadium, construction workers jackhammered through the concrete Sunday and pulled it out. Yankees officials learned of the almost Tony Soprano-like burial from a Red Sox-rooting construction worker, who had done the deed. The stadium, which will open next year across the street from the current ballpark Yankees president Randy Levine said team officials at first considered leaving the shirt where it was.

After about five hours of drilling Saturday to locate the shirt under 2 feet of concrete, which was tattered and somewhat torn from the jackhammers, it saw the light of day. There is talk of criminal action taken against the construction worker, according to the Bronx District Attorney's office. Yankees president Randy Levine said the shirt would be cleaned up and sent to the Jimmy Fund, a charity affiliated with Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Along with that, New York will send a Yankees Universe T-shirt, which is sold to benefit Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. At least the Yankees are being proactive in this matter.

Left up to me, he would wear that jersey until hell freezes over. It's understandable that you don't like the Yankees, guy. That's your right. What you don't have the right to do is destory someone else's property. I hope that the Bronx DA throws the book at you, then puts your sorry behind in jail and melts the key in the lock. That move of yours was not the smoothest, your little stunt could have endangered not only you but your co-workers and possibly the patrons of the new stadium. Who knows how many days it will have taken for them to find the shirt, dig it out and put back new concrete?

I will offer him a chance at redemption: if the Bronx DA agrees not to press charges and make this stunt a misdemeanor, he gets no jail time whatsoever, agrees to pay for the time it took to dig up the concrete and apologize to his co-workers and the Yankees in public.

"Estupido es como estupido hacer (Stupid is as stupid does).'

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