All right I have been dreading this since half time of last night’s game. Last week I ripped Plaxico Burress for his media day prediction. Many of you responded to the article and made me realize that hey maybe he is right, maybe they will win by three points. Well Plaxico was right. They won by three, his 20-17 call wasn’t exactly accurate but pretty close. And now I have to rebound from heartbreak in the final game of the season. Well congrats Giants Fans.

To all the Patriots fans out there it is time to start rebounding. Remember all the other victories this year and the magical ride. Don’t forget the other Super Bowls and remember how good it felt when our Patriots pulled off the upset in the Super Bowl against the Rams in 2002. Remember that feeling. Start the rebound with the Bean pot, which starts tonight. Then in a few days the Red Sox start spring training. Don’t forget about the Celtics. They are looking good this year, even if they are stumbling a little right now. Not many of you look this way but we have the Bruins too. They are doing better this year and may actually be a playoff threat. I know it hurts now and we are all upset at the Patriots but in the immortal words of our left fielder, “there is always next year”

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