Brady welker celebrate
"the pats have absolutely no class."

I received this text from a friend of mine midway through the third quarter of today's Patriots' game, if you could call it "game."

It's truly out of line for a Philly fan to lecture anyone about "class," but I'll save me "you booed Santa Claus" argument for another day, because it's neither here nor there.

Theys suck because the dolphins washed them out and roled em up and smoked em! with big hairy blls The bottom line is that today in the NFL the New England Patriots beat the Tennessee Titans 59-0.

And, I'm sorry if you think me arrogant, but, as a Patriots fan, I have absolutely no sympathy nor apologies and fully support my team.

This the National Football League!

Let's take a minute to think about that: this isn't high school or college, where a team like Michigan invites an inferior Delaware State team to the Big House and pummels them 63-6. This is the premier professional football league in the world!

If you get beat 59-0 in the NFL, it's your own fault!

This is a profession for these men. If your working on Wall Street but lose money on the Stock Market; if you broadcast on TV but can't read a teleprompter; if you build houses but can't cut a straight 2-by-4, you best seek a new profession, yet come Monday, these same 53 men will return to work for the Tennessee Titans.

Far too many Americans feel compassion in inappropriate instances. For example, lots of people would feel bad if they saw a puppy hurt its paw in a cartoon movie, yet they have no emotion when they see on the news that 35 Palestinian children died when their school was bombed.

The NFL minimum salary is $860,000, which means that per game, every player makes at least $53,750. So, please! Don't feel any remorse for the Titan players, who in one day made $20,000 more than the average American makes in a year. Today, the Tennessee Titans got paid to put up the worst performance in pro football in over 30 years.

Don't blame the Patriots for winning 59-0.

Blame the Titans for giving up 426 passing yards in a blizzard! Blame the Titans for turning the ball over three times in a sequence of five offensive players! Blame the Titans for amassing negative seven yards in the passing game! Blame the Titans!

--Originally posted on the JTStally Blog --

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