Another reason to think before you act. Josh Jarboe is a 6-3 195 wide reciever from Decatur, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta in DeKalb County. Jarobe recently signed a letter of intent to play for Oklahoma of Big 12 fame. He is a star on the Cedar Grove High School football team in that town.

DeKalb County Police alledge Jarboe took out a black and silver handgun from the rear door of the vehicle he was riding in on the school's campus. He and a friend were arrested and charged with two felony counts of having a weapon on school property. The weapon, a gun was stolen and both were also charged and receiving stolen property. 

Here's the kicker. The university is letting him keep his scholarship pending the outcome of the matter in question. Hello, OU? Do you want to win that damned bad? Have you learned nothing from Columbine, Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois?! If it were me, I would have stripped him of the scholarship the second I found out about it and given it to a non-athlete. Then if he were found innocent, then I would make him walk on and earn the money.

DeKalb school system officials said Monday that neither teen would be allowed back in school until a hearing on the incident is held.

Jarboe was ranked by the recruiting Web site as the nation's 10th-best wide receiver in the Class of 2008. He chose, choosing the Sooners over SEC teams Florida, Georgia and LSU. Let's hope that Bob Stoopes and company will wake up and smell the coffee.

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