It seems that the Seattle Supersonics may be staying in the land of triple lattes and salmon after all. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell of Washington say the Sonics’ Oklahoma City owners apparently weren’t acting in good faith while trying to get a deal for a new arena in Seattle and have sent a letter to NBA commisioner David Stern.

The letter, sent Wednesday, follows a similar missive from Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire and other political leaders, who also asked that the vote be delayed. Washington state political leaders are angry about news reports disclosing e-mails that showed team owners discussing whether they could leave Seattle, even before a good-faith deadline for pursuing a Seattle arena. I don't blame them one bit. It's not fair to the city of Seattle, who may be losing their team if Stern lets the NBA Board of Governors allow the move to go through. It will be a sad day for pro basketball in the Emerald City. I'm not knocking Oklahoma City, I'm just saying that they need to wait their turn for expansion. Besides, the Oklahoma City Supersonics does nothing for me.

I hope that cooler heads will prevail in this matter. There is talk of a new arena being built in Seattle. If that is the case, then no harm, no foul. At the same time, if the Sonics do decide to go, they can go if they leave everything that has "Seattle Supersonics" in Seattle. In other words, if left up to me, if so much as a paper clip is missing when they do go, they will be served with papers. That's what the city of Cleveland made the Browns do when they bolted for Baltimore.

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