There may be hope for the Seattle Supersonics, which means they could be staying put in the great Paciifc Northwest. Before you order that triple lattle espresso shot from Starbucks, there is a catch.

In a letter to Gov. Chris Gregoire and key legislators, four prominent Seattle businessmen said the Legislature has until April 10 to approve the $75 million in tax authority being requested from the state, or they are walking away from their offer of $150 million toward the renovations. The legislative term in Washington state ends this Thursday, so time is of the greatest of essence.

Left up to me, if I were Governor Gregorie, I would give the legislators Easter week off to spend with their familes and then call them back into special session for 30 days, under state law and make every effort to keep this team in Seattle. If that fails to work, the Sonics are free to leave under certain conditions.

1. The name Sonics is not to be used in the team's new city.

2. All non-playing employees of the club would be offered positions with the new club in Oklahoma City or be given a severance pay package. This would not include seasonal workers.

3. No items with the Sonics logo or logos (either current or classic) would be allowed to leave the city of Seattle or the state of Washington. This includes jerseys, jackets, caps, letterheads, envelopes, programs, media guides, souvenirs or anything that says "Seattle Supersonics." This also includes any pictures of current or former players as well as the 1979 NBA Championship Trophy.

4. The ownership issues a letter of apology to the fans of Seattle to be printed in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The Sonics BELONG in Seattle. Oklahoma City wants an NBA team. God bless them. Just wait for expansion, like everyone else! In other words, Oklahoma City...


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