Brendan Ard, son of New York Giants All-Century team member Billy Ard, will be trying for his second straight New Jersey wrestling title when he competes at 171 lbs. at the State Championships on Saturday and Sunday in Atlantic City. Brendan, who lives in Watchung, N.J., has been training for years at EDGE School of Wrestling and TEST Sports Performance in Martinsville, N.J., where his father helps college football standouts prepare for the Combines and Pro Days heading into the NFL Draft. While Brendan, who will attend Wisconsin on a wrestling scholarship next year, was training as an elite wrestler in one corner of the TEST facility, Billy worked with top stars like Lydon Murtha of Nebraska and Joel Bell of Furman, two of the linemen who were among the top performers at the NFL Combine last week. Ard's work with the athletes extends beyond physical skills; he also serves as a financial counselor to many of the future stars who train at TEST.

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