Iraq wideweb 470x339,0 showed me. An overhead kick clearly doesn't require athleticism or skill.

I'm having a bit of counter action fun on soccer haters. One of the many things I'll cover in this piece is diving in soccer.

Sure it happens all the time, that's why you guys think they are a bunch of lame pussy players. Well let me tell you something, if you hate soccer because they're diving, then you should hate basketball because of flopping, you should hate the NFL because of feign roughing the passer/punter/kicker. It's stupid to dive in any of those sports, but soccer at least does something about it.

I guarantee you that you didn't know that if you are deemed diving by the referee, you either get a warning, a yellow, or a straight red card, meaning you're gone from the game. In the NBA, it's just a no-call, and in the NFL, it's also a no-call.

I know soccer haters can't stand:

Boring 1-0, 2-1 Results

In some cases, yes, there are games that are snoozers with few chances at goal. Imagine if the NFL stopped making touchdowns worth 6 points. Instead, a touchdown would be worth 1 point, a field goal would be 1/2 a point, and there were no extra points or safeties. Here would be the final score of Super Bowl XLII:

New York Giants 2 1/2 New England Patriots 2

That is close, but not too exciting right?

Another thing, is that it's hard to score a goal using your legs and your head. Sometimes there are 22 shots on target but it's 2-1 because the keeper is making great saves, the ball hits the post, etc. I dare you to try it, because scoring with your same legs that you have to run around a big field for 90 minutes is a tough thing to do.


Now here's a statement from an article I read from associated content about American Football and soccer.

American football is far better and far superior than the world’s so-called most popular sport, which for some reason is also called ‘football.’

Well....I guess because American don't really use your foot that much unless you're a kicker or a punter. In football, you actually have to use....your foot. INCONCEIVABLE!!! Since this article was so....stupid, I've decided to use his excerpts (this article was from 2006 and it still gets comments....)

I don’t understand why soccer players are so fragile. One minute they are being hauled off on a stretcher and ten minutes later the same guy is scoring a break-away goal!

Because they don't need so many frigging pads and protection (oh that sounded so bad....) like American football players here do. It goes back to that diving topic I mentioned earlier.

I don’t understand why professional athletes can’t put a round ball in a goal the size of Rhode Island.

They're not using their hands for one. And isn't Rhode Island the smallest state in the US? That's got to be the worst analogy ever.

Ask me why I love American football, baseball, basketball or even hockey and I could go on and on about how each position in each sport requires a combination of athleticism, violence, speed and skill and each has the ability change the momentum of the contest or determine the outcome of the game.

What? You mean to tell me, that you can run up and down a field constantly for 90 minutes and at the same time go for goal means you aren't athletic? Violence? You want violence? Look up "Eduardo Da Silva". Speed? I'm sorry dude, but soccer you run for 45 minutes with few major stoppages in play and ZERO commercials until halftime. Skill eh? Watch the Brazilian soccer team and you'll understand why it is called "The Beautiful Game".

I'm not saying you have to like soccer, but to me, you guys are just talking smack without ever playing the game or watching the game. And don't watch the MLS and call it "football". By the way, anyone want to know how American football started? American football was a spin off of Rugby, which was essentially a spin off

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