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If one were to go for a soccer game between clubs and listen carefully, some of the chants being sung are absolutely hilarious and one wonders who came up with them. I was just browsing through a few pages when i came across these chants of the recently concluded Leagues. Here are some of them-

  • Middlesbrough (Bon Jovi- Living On A Prayer)- " Ohh! We're half way there! Ohh-ohh! Aliadiere!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Man City(Pink Floyd- Another Brick..)- " We don't need no Phil Scolari, We don't need Mourinho, Hey! Thaksin! Leave our Sven alone!!"
  • Arsenal(Jackson 5- Blame it on the Boogie)- " "Don't blame it on Henry, don't blame it on the injuries, don't blame it on the referees, blame it on Eboue!"
  • Man Utd (Black Lace's Agadoo) - " Anderson-son-son, he's better than Kleberson, Anderson-son-son, he's our midfield magician, To the left to the right we'll dance the samba beat tonight, He is class, our midfield brass, and he dumps on Fabregas!"
  • Newcastle(The Beatles-Let it Be) - "When we find ourselves in times of trouble, Kevin Keegan comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom, Geremi!"
  • Tottenham(Elvis- The Wonder of You) - "That's Ju-ande, Ju-ande Ramos!"
  • Blackburn( Christmas- Santa Clause is Coming...)- "You better watch out, You better beware, He's good on the ground and he's good in the air, Santa Cruz is coming to town. "
  • Man city(The Proclaimer -500 Miles) - "Oh you can freeze 500 million, and you can freeze 500 more, Cos Thaksin's got another billion underneath his bedroom floor, Shin-a-watra! Shin-a-watra!"

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