The Eagles have made it clear they are going to trade Lito. With all the demand there is out there for top line cornerbacks, there is no way, NO WAY, the Eagles should not get decent return for Lito which will help them this year.

If the Cardinals are unable to rework Larry Fitzgerald's contract, this WORKS OUT PERFECTLY FOR THE EAGLES. The Cardinal's main need is CORNERBACK, so if the Cardinals can't rework Fitzgerald's contract, the Eagles are in a position of power with a player the Cardinals could desperatley use, and the Eagles have the means to unsaddle the Cardinals of their Fitzgerald problem.

I'm holding out for Larry Fitzgerald. But it doesn't matter. It seems to me the Eagles this year, for once, have a clue and a plan. They seem to really know what they are doing. It could very well be that this coming year will be just a little bit different from last year. It could very well be that the team to beat this September will be the Philadelphia Eagles.

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