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I was a huge fan of that Kings team. Mike Bibby and Chris Webber were two of my favorite players in the league, and Vlade Divac was always good for a laugh due to his tendency to have the world’s most hysterical flops.

This whole thing with former referee Tim Donaghy has to be troubling for the NBA. Many media people who were at the sixth game of the Kings-Lakers series where the Lake Show took something like 25 foul shots in the final quarter of play to win the game are going on TV and saying that everyone thought something was a little weird following the game. That’s bad.

However, would anyone really be shocked if this was true? The rumors that have flown around the NBA since the Knicks getting Patrick Ewing and the “frozen envelope” have to come from somewhere. They don’t exist in any other sports. It’s only the NBA.

It’s such a shame too because it’s taking away the attention from a pretty good year for the league. The Finals have been fairly entertaining so far and with the amount of talent currently in the association, things were definitely looking up.

While I don’t believe Tim Donaghy, the fact that anyone might is very troubling for the NBA.

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