Hey Fans,

Hooray for the Galaxy. No, not our solar system, the Los Angeles Galaxy. They're finally getting some ROI on their HUGH investment in David Beckham. He actually had a goal and assist for them in last night's victory. Hopefully he won't have to shuttle between England and LA like he did last season. The Masters and ESPN. A good mix? I'm not quite sure. Yes, we get to see the Par 3 competition for the first time, but big whoop. You think the Augusta National bluebloods may wind up adding the Boomer to McCord's ban from their hallowed grounds? The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs begin tonight, didn't know that huh? Well most North Americans are right there with you. March Madness had its share of close games. Not so much til the end, with a thrilling overtime. How cool was it to hit a three pointer with 2.1 seconds on the clock to tie it up. It's something we all, even us white boys, dream about as a kid. I'm sure the Kansas coeds and big alumni will thank that young man in a variety of ways. So, will Coach Self be selfish and take the BIG money and run from the Kansas cornfields to greener pastures as already many undergrads have indicated by their intention to leave school - as if they ever went to class - for the NBA? Oh yeah, the Olympic Torch relay hits the USA today. This cute pre-event promotion created by Peter Ueberoth has had its share of problems, once again linking these international games to politics. Can't we all just get along? The Motown Tigers have been anything like their namesake with their two new high profile off season additions. They now play the weary BOSOX who have returned home after a 16,000 mile, three country journey. It was nice to see Bill Buckner get such a warm greeting at Fenway. Many forget that before that infamous grounder through the five hole, he was a stellar performer. Well fans, there's so much sports to enjoy in the coming days and weeks, it's good that our cellphones, which I recently learned have more power than the Apollo spacecraft's computers that took our astronauts to the moon, can provide us with all the scores and highlights we care to watch.

Chuck T

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