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That better be sour cream on my chip.

What a Fiesta Bowl it was. Now I am not a graduate of West Virginia nor do I have any friends or family there, but I had been following the Mountaineers since the 2006 season and I saw Steve Slaton and Pat White literally run away from defenses on obscene touchdown runs. I was disappointed this season when they lost The Backyard Brawl and the shot at the National Championship and thought it was a raw deal that Rodriguez left; not Bobby Petrino-levels, but it's still shady. So needless to say, I was rooting for them to at least put up a good fight against the Sooner Nation and boy did they ever. While I was watching the game, I had some observations and small chatter with a friend who was watching it as well over instant messaging.

And now, for your reading pleasure.

Luke: "Did Pat White take his helmet to a strip club? Thing's covered in glitter."
The Ironman Jeff Garcia: "Nope, just Erin Andrews' house."

-after Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford gets "sacked" from a lovetap to the back-
Luke: "LOL."
The Ironman Jeff Garcia: "How long before that shows up on YouTube?"
Luke: "1 hour."

Now, the other things I enjoyed from last night's Fiesta Bowl.

  • Matt Vasgersian should become a full-time football play-by-play guy. He has called a bulk of the Seattle Seahawks games this season and whenever a big play breaks out, he properly gets excited. I seriously don't know how or why Joe Buck is the number one guy for FOX other than who his dad is, because if I had a choice as to who would be calling the Super Bowl with Troy Aikman, I'd pick the guy that appeared on the MLB: The Show videogames.

  • Whoever is to draft Owen Schmitt, I hope they do not try and hold him down. He should be allowed to run wild and break a whole lot of facemasks in the NFL level.

  • They (West Virginia) have a guy named John Holmes (heh), and guys last named Dingle and Nutter. How can you not like this team?

  • Seeing WWE play-by-play Jim Ross heartbroken on the sideline = priceless.
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