You know, it almost seems like eras, years, generations, you name it, since the Redskins had a solidified punting game.  You know, consistency, distance, angles, placement, those kinds of things.  Most of you know nothing about that, because you have not witnessed much of it in Washington over the past 15 years.  And, as much as you want to criticize the front office, deservingly so, for not addressing some pressing needs thoroughly, like offensive line, they did so with punter.

In the off-season, the Redskins inked former Pro Bowler and former Colt Hunter Smith.  A huge off-season addition.  Like the Post article says, not a sexy signing, but a valuable one.  Yes, Hunter Smith is used to punting inside.  But, the Cols not always played at home.  Smith is a consummate pro and will make any adjustments he needs to, likely, effortlessly.

> Smith has been the epitome of consistency. In 10 years with the Colts, he averaged 43.4 yards per punt with a net of 35.5. Seven times in his career he ranked in the top 10 in the league in punting average, and last season Smith pinned opponents inside the 20-yard line 23 times while allowing just two touchbacks.

Smith's attitude is fresh and focused and he knows the importnace of his role.

> "We have a good defense, we're going to have a really solid offense, and if we can give our defense a position on the field where they can make stops and back people down in their own territory, then we're going to be able to get our offense on the field and get points," Hunter Smith said. "And if you do that you win games. So I'm not saying that I'd be a reason for winning games, but I certainly hope I would be an important factor."

Here a snippet from Jason Reid on the naggin injuries.  We'll summarize them below.

The Redskins already know the tremendous talent Laron Landry has, arguably the best defensive back on the roster and one of the best in the  game.  This camp, they are focusing on footwork to better position himself for more turnover production.  Read about it.

John Keim gives us a Redskins running back preview.  If you want a double dose, here is the DCPSR RB preview as well.

Some notes from Redskins training camp yesterday.  The good thing we keep reading about is the development and progression of supplemental third round pick Jeremy Jarmon.  The most exciting thing about this is, it is a position of great need as well.  Jarmon's key will be production int he pre-season games.   Read about it.

Official Redskins blogger Matt Terl has a nice piece of RB Marcus Mason.  Read about it.

And whatever you think training camp is teaching you, compare it to Warpath Confidential.  Read about it.

You know, year in and year out, one topic that seems to pop up is the age of London Fletcher.  The one issue that never is an issue is, Fletcher's production.    He is a huge factor in why the Redskins had the 4th ranked defense in the NFL last year.  Read more about Fletcher.

Redskins third round pick is taking the customary path to a roster spot.  Ups and downs, getting humbled, and a position battle.  He is in the midst of it all, as he battle second year CB Justin Tryon, who by the way is having an outstanding camp, for the 4th corner spot behind starters Carlos Rogers and DeAngelo Hall and third CB Fred Smoot.  Read about it.

Joseph White from the AP writes what we already know, now is the time for Jason Campbell, among others.  Read about it.

Little bit about DE Renaldo Wynn.  Read it.

Rich Campbell thinks it is also a critical time for QB Colt Brennan.  We agree.  Here is the deal.  Not only does Brennan need to show he can play if Jason Campbell goes down, but he can be the number two guy.  Should the Redskins not resign Campbell, Brennan has an opportunity to show he can be the next guy in line.  Read about it. > > Just know, though, that in those moments, Colt Brennan will be playing the most important football of his life and possibly changing the landscape of the Redskins' quarterback position. > > So turn away at your own risk. > > "It is pretty intense," Brennan said, "because you know that's the only chance that you're going to get to go out and showcase yourself."

And yes, much like Clinton Portis, DeAngelo Hall says critics can kiss his ass to.  Read about it.

In some more somber news, one of the suspects in the tragic murder of Redskin Sean Taylor is attempting to withdraw his guilty plea.  Read about it.

And just so you don't leave the Smoke Signals upset, given the Taylor story, here is a bit to cheer you up.

More Redskins Coverage at DC Pro Sports Report

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