" ADHD Exemptions on the Rise in MLB." So says

When you cannot game the system illegally, get a note from your (mother) doctor. One major league player said years ago that the hardest thing in baseball was deciding whether to use greenies (amphetamines) on a possible rainout.

So instead of having an epidemic of illegal/non-sanctioned drug use in baseball, we've shifted to using prescription drugs to treat mental health problems. Adopt the sick role, say the magic word, pass go and collect 200 dollars.

This reminds me of the availability of extra time when taking standard college entrance examinations. In some communities, generally affluent, ten percent or more of the students get extra time with a little help from their supportive, conscientious physician. In East Los Angeles, how many of the students got extra time? Nada.

And so it goes in the fantasy world of professional sports. You can't use performance-enhancing drugs, unless, of course, you can. Follow the yellow brick road...follow the yellow brick road.

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