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Is slope very important for amateur golfer?

What is a slope?

As per the USGA the slope Rating is a number ranging from 55 minimum to 155 maximum that represents the difficulty of a course cause by length, obstacles, altitude, bunkers, water, even the grass height,for bogey golfers relative to the USGA Course Rating (which represents the difficulty for scratch golfers). Slope is a ratio. The higher the slope, the more difficult the course plays for bogey golfers. A slope rating of 113 is considered average.

I would say that 99 % of amateur golfers who play 5-10 games per year do not check the slope of a golf course because all they want is to have fun with their friends. However, how many golfers stopped playing this beautiful sport because they were playing on very hard courses? They had not realized that if they would have checked the slope before, it wasn’t simply made for them, plus they end up all frustrate. Some golfers prefer challenges and they don’t mind scoring 140 on a very difficult course slope over 130. However they simply don’t realize that on a long run, this will simply increase their frustration, and these are the people usually who through their clubs after missing theirs shots.

Any amateur golfer who starts playing should never play on a golf course more then 100. Why? Simply because this will increase their confidence, trust and realize that if they always score over 100 or close to 100, they know they will have a chance to gain experience on a long run. However if your challenge brings you on difficult courses and you always end up with a high score over 125 to 140, you will putt in your mind, that this sport is not made for you, which is a totally wrong thinking.

Therefore my answer for you is very simple. Yes, it is important for amateur golfer to check the slope of a golf course because this will help you determine on a long run if you will appreciate this sport and the possibility to gain experience as a fighter or simply sell your complete equipment to someone who will take advantage of your frustration.

Enjoy your game on an easy slope.


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