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Were you a fan of SlamBall? In 2002 and 2003 did the names James "Champ" Willis and Sean "Inches" Jackson mean more to you then the names Kobe and Shaq? Well if this is so, we are jazzed to tell you that SlamBall is back!

This version of Slamball will be based more on that of a traditional league rather then the TV show type format it had in '02 and '03. The remix of SlamBall will be financed by IMG Global Media and its commissioner will be none other then former 76ers President Pat Croce, whose energetic personality is perfect for this type of venture. The "showcase" season as they are calling it will be taped in June, in hopes that as a result the league can sell eight franchises before 2009. With no other men's basketball on TV during the summer months this league might have a shot the second time around if they stick to their plan of having a more traditional league structure and do a good job in explaining the rules to new fans.

What network will SlamBall be on? That is a question that is very much in the air right now and they have no television partner as of yet. The vision behind part two of SlamBall is so strong that IMG President Sam Albrecht said they will air the showcase via the web if it comes to that. Being that SlamBall is no threat to the NBA could it be possible Mark Cuban might look into picking up SlamBall for his HDNet television network?

If you are looking for a shot at becoming a pro athlete, SlamBall might be your opportunity. Tryouts will be held in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Bradenton, FL. Good luck!

Hoops Hybrid Being Molded Into a League (New York Times)

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