Yes, that's right, more NFL talk. While you are waiting for my next article in my Early NFL Previews (AFC West), here is six current NFL topics for you to debate (in no particular order).

1. Pacman Jones situation

Should he/will he get reinstated? That's the question as of right now. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seems to think so, but he has just been getting in too much trouble his entire entire NFL career. After all that he has done, who says we should trust him? He can't seem to stay away from those clubs. And now, more recently, he has thought about retirement. Will this whole Pacman Jones situation ever end? You tell me...

2. Should Cedric Benson be the starter in Chicago?

After being arrested for resisting arrest about a month or so ago, Benson was NOT cut by the Chicago Bears organization, and now head coach Lovie Smith says he will most likely start the '08 season out as the starting RB. This is certainly not the only reason I am questioning this decision. In his 3 seasons in Chicago, Benson has never broken a 1,000 yards on the ground, and averaged just 3.4 YPC this past season. You may say that he hasn't done too bad, but the fact that he was an early first round pick on 2005, he should have 1,500 yards in one season, not three.

P1 benson

No, you're not imagining things, Cedric is still a Chicago Bear. Benson will most likely even be the starter over Adrian Peterson (no, not that Adrian Peterson).

3. Will the incident in Philadelphia this past offseason affect Marvin Harrison's 2008 season?

I think this is a great topic of talk. Harrison, the last person whom I would've suspected of this, was in a fight outside his own bar, and a gun was fired. One guy was hit on the hand by the gunshot, the bullet casings were linked to one of Harrison's many guns, which was later found in a bucket at a carwash, which he also happened to own. The police say they have yet to have a suspect, despite all that evidence going against Harrison, which leads me to believe that the police did not reveal all the evidence. Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning has already spoke of this manner, and doesn't think Harrison is guilty. But, will this affect his other teammates in Indy??? I think that is a very good, but hard question to answer as of right now.

4. Will Jason Taylor be a Dolphin this year?

Now, on to some real football talk. Miami Dolphins DE Jason Taylor has had some issues with the 'Phins Executive VP of Football Operations, Bill Parcells. Not too long ago it was reported that Taylor wanted out, and was seeking a trade. A little while later another report said that Taylor was going to boycott Dolphins Training Camp this year. But, all this just got a little more interesting. Today, Taylor said that he did NOT say all those things, and that he loved it in Miami. I think Taylor needs to get the hell out of Miami. It's time for a change, and it seems as though Parcells has zero tolerance for superstars like him. Indianapolis would be a nice fit, like I stated in my AFC South Preview. Indy needs someone to accompany the fragile Dwight Freeney on the D-Line, and Taylor would be a major upgrade.

Nfl g tampa3 580

Well, I know we can cross one guy off the long list of TB QB's.

5. Who will be Tampa's starting QB?

Well, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a total of four QB's on their roster right now, after drafting Josh Johnson out of San Diego Univ. in this year's NFL draft. Jeff Garcia would be the logical pick for starter, since he did kinda lead Tampa to the playoffs last year, although he did have a little help from the D. But, Garcia is 38 years old, and may not make it through the entire 16 regular season games. For now, it'll be Garcia, but my guess is that they'll cut one or two of the QB's, and maybe use that money to get themselves a nuclear weapon on offense to make up for the poor QB play. Yesterday Tampa made a HUGE mistake in cutting Bruce Gradkowski, and why would you spend money on a guy like Brian Griese. I have always respected Jon Gruden's coaching, but this is a head-scratcher.

6. Will there eventually be a shorter preseason?

The NFL has had a few meetings recently, and have thought about eventually making the preseason one game shorter, and adding a seventeenth regular season game. Personally, I think this would be the dumbest move made in a while, if it doesn happen. I wouldn't mind if they cut the preseason short a game or two, but adding another regular season game?!?! That's outrageous! You have an even 16 right now, meaning eight home, and eight away games (plus one bye week per team). If it ain't broke, don't fix it...It would add a whole lot of confusion to things, and complicate them. Why, just why would you do this?!

Well what are you waiting for!? Let the debating begin, we don't have a whole lot of time, just 2 months before training camps start...

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