This morning, I took it upon myself to facilitate the services of Shrimpadamus the Psychic Ghost Shrimp; as a small treat for my friends of the AGM community.

"SD" is a future predicting fresh/brackish water ghost shrimp and has been regarded as unmistakingly accurate in his predictions. In fact, he has never been wrong in predicting the outcomes of national sporting events.

He is a pet ghost shrimp of mine - a creature normally relegated as food for larger, more expensive (read: prettier) fish; but due to Shrimpadamus' special skills, he was spared and given prestigious training to broaden his talent.

He is mostly clear in color (is clear a color?) about an inch long and can predict the future by choosing between two separate objects. Again, let me reiterate that his predictions have been astounding and amazing.

Predicting the Super Bowl:

To represent the New York Giants, I used a miniature Statue of Liberty. Seemed logical.

To represent the New England Patriots, I used a pile of Plecostamus' (another aquarium fish that is a bottom feeder in the tank) shit. Fitting.

And here is proof of my findings:


Shrimpadamus chooses NEW YORK GIANTS!
Keep in mind that Plecostamus shit aids in the growth of microscopic creatures that the shrimp normally thrive on... so the pile of shit was definitely favored. (photo by Manny Stiles for AGM)

Shrimpadamus' Prediction

New York Giants over the Patriots. Shrimpadamus did not provide a final score, however he did subsequently explain that the game was going to end in Overtime!


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