If you own an apartment near the friendly confines of Wrigley Field, you better play nice and share some of your loot with the Cubs. That's the lesson that Thomas Gramatis is learning right now. I hope that he settles up with the Cubs before the ivy starts growing soon.

Mr. Gramatis, according to the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Tribune, has not shared shared 17 percent of his rooftop revenue with the Cubs as called for under a 2004 settlement of previous litigation and paid nothing in 2007. The defending National League Central champs are even going so far as to block his view if he doesn't pony up.

The team filed a lawsuit against Gramatis Friday and warned they might block the view of games from Gramatis' buildings at 3617 and 3619 N. Sheffield Ave. in the 2008 season. That view overlooks right field. The Cubs estimated Gramatis' revenues could approach $7 million for 2008.

Personally, I think that Mr. G. needs to show the Cubs the money. No one wants to be denied the right to watch Cubs games, either in Wrigley (which I hope to do in my lifetime, because the neighborhood and ballpark are awesome!) or on the rooftops. The Cubs are trying to be good neighbors. Let's hope these two kiss and make up.

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