Hey fans,

The NFL's third week had a few surprises, most notably being the Dolphins' win over the Pats, powered by Ronnie Brown and Chad Pennington's 17/20 passing. I guess the New England fans have become a bit spoiled with their team and as such actually booed their team throughout most of the second half. I mean come on. It's one friggin game. I just don't believe a team's fans should boo their team in September. Maybe Los Mets fans, every time they bring in a new relief pitcher, but not the Pats. With no smooth segue, let's bring up the two NFL teams in the great state of Missouri. Sorry, I sound a bit like I'm a delegate at one of the political conventions. The Chiefs and Rams are a combined 0 - 6 and have scored a total of 62 points, which would put them in the middle of the pack - if they were one team! And Herm Edwards thought he sneaked out on the NY Jets just in time. Yes, he took the Hunts' big salary package and what has he delivered? The Rams have done little since Marshall Faulk left the team and the Chiefs still have no one to throw the ball to Tony Gonzalez. And what about Kerry Collins? He has quietly led the Titans, in the aftermath of Vince Young's indecision about whether to prematurely end his high-paying NFL career and return to his Hurricane Ike ravaged Houston. The NFL season is not yet at the Bye weeks and we already have quite a few story lines. I can't wait for the remaining 14 weeks.

Till next time.

Chuck T

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