That’s the question, whether like it or not Bill Self has to answer. And he thought deciding to play a Box & One in the second half of Monday nights game was a difficult decision…Sorry Bill, it fails in comparison! Reality is, you won the National Championship despite that bonehead call you made for a couple of possessions…Had the ability to change your mind! And thanks to the Memphis Tigers, they delivered you a championship ring on a silver platter!

On Monday, the wrong decision was to switch to a Box & One…So will Self make another wrong decision in figuring out whether or not he wants to leave Fog Allen for Eddie Sutton’s court? Now we know it’s not all about the money…Sure, and pro wrestling is fake, (or do I mean scripted) either! Before the nets were even cut down in San Antonio T. Boone Pickens sent his personal Orange & Black armor Brinks truck to go sit right outside your picket white fence in Lawerence. So what’s KU to do, but the next morning send a Blue & Red armor Brinks truck to the same location, (inside information…T. Boone’s truck is way bigger). Huh, look at that…All of a sudden, the KU faithful wants to up the paycheck. Funny how that works…Another school has a current employed coach at another school, willing to pay him Big Bucks, (with no wammies) and it takes another school’s action to cause a current school to react. Funny how that all works…Sounds exactly like women who can’t make their minds up in relationships, only until out of the blue her Mike Hunt is to be rumored with Muffy McBalls.

Now we all know the story regarding Pickens, who once gave Oklahoma State's athletic department a $165 million donation, (to help his taxes) could probably outbid any single Kansas booster. But with an extensive alumni base and a love of athletics, the Jayhawks are not without financial firepower of their own. But as the song and dance goes, it’s not about the money! Because I’m sure he’s not at all feeling unappreciated…No, not at all! When this cat just brought a national championship back to Lawrence for the first time in 20 years…When he coaches at a basketball school and somehow makes less money than Mark Magino! What’s up with that shit? My guess, The Fatass needs the extra cash to feed his tummy…Only thing I can think of! Yes, Quadruple MM has done a hell of a job turning around one of the worst football programs in the nation, but it’s a basketball school! Not only is it a basketball school…It’s one of the premier Division I basketball jobs in the country! For some reason however, the upstart football coach gets paid more.

Although I guess Kansas should be happy, to Self it’s not about the money “allegedly”…It’s more about the facilities. "People may misread this," Self said, "but I just want to make sure that we have the opportunity to continue to compete at the highest level. You do that with facilities, you do that with how you recruit, you do that with multiple things. There are definitely some areas that could be improved -- in large part, facilities." Nobody’s misreading it because it is true, the facilities play an important factor in any recruitment of a kid, but come on Bill lets not try to look for excuses now. Look, we all know that everybody likes to go home…Nobody would blame up for doing so, especially when you get to drive a Brinks armor truck to work everyday, (my guess gas is a bitch on that thing) but your’re at Kansas for God sakes! How bad could the facilities be? Come on now…It’s not like you’re at IHOP University, somewhere in Boo-Foo-Idaho. Or perhaps you’re just sore about being at a premier basketball school where the upstart football program seems to receive more? Pissed off at those wealthy KU boosters who are already paying for an extensive state-of-the-art football facility set to open this summer, including the Anderson Family Football Complex. I’m willing to bet that the little devil inside of you feels like nothing would feel better than to stick it to the Rock-Chalk-Jayhawk-Nation…Jamming your $1.375 million peanut annual salary up their tailpipes where they should’ve ponied up in the first place, to return home where you’d be God! Although a word to the wise, Eddie Sutton was a God there too until he started making out with Jim Beem!

If you’d leave, nobody would blame you, write you hate mail, threaten to kill your dogs and burn your house down…Well, outside the state of Kansas that is. However, there’d be good news…You and Rich Rodriguez could collaborate on a book together then. "If they're asked to make contributions, they will make contributions," Monte Johnson, a prominent Kansas booster said. "Our athletic director and chancellor knows the value that Bill has to our program. Bill has created a situation where he needs to be compensated for what he's done for this university, and he's done a lot." Knows the valve, rrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttt! And if OSU still had Sean Sutton, the Lawrence Emergency Meeting with all the big time Jayhawk boosters would’ve never came to order…Just like pro wrestling is scripted too!

"All Oklahoma State has to offer him is money," "We're going to do our best to make him comfortable in staying. You work out a way to retain great people.” said Johnson. Um Monte, glad to see you’re not too smart…”Comfortable”, huh? Doesn’t money make you comfortable? Just a thought I had! And silly me to think this, but in a relationship doesn’t one go beyond the call of duty, bend over backwards to make everything work before the fact…Not after! All you guys are doing is grasping for straws now hoping you don’t lose another great coach, (please see Larry Brown & Roy Williams)! That’s all that this is about…And so with that said, why shouldn’t Self fly the coupe? A native of the OK State, with national championship credentials, more money than God, and it looks like more appreciation too! Besides, it’s not like OSU is some door mat…They’ve been to two Final Fours in 13 years!

So Jayhawk fans, you might want to start making up your “Bill Selfish” signs now, thanks in large part to the university not being proactive, but rather reactive. Yes Kansas, you might’ve won the game, but you penny pinching, nickel & dimming asses could very well lose the war!

Vote In new Pick’em Poll which tries to do its part by promoting Title IX for Women’s athletics. While watching women’s basketball might just be more agonizing than scraping your fingernails on a damn chalkboard, voting in this poll will be more enjoyable thanks to Pat & Geno, they’ve gone Emeril on us and "Kicked It Up a Couple of Notches"! And for that we love them! So who ya got in the "Basketball Death Match"? In the words of Mills Lane, "Let’s Get it On!"

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