All of the teams that didn’t make the playoffs now have some things to think about and lucky for them, I am here to help.

I decided to take a look at the Coaches of each of the teams that ended the season with a record of .500 or below. I am doing this because I have decided that teams with a winning record that did not make the playoffs are still above .500 and they will probably be safe.

Atlanta : 4-12

I went to work on this alphabetically…and I just had to have Atlanta first. At least that makes the first one easy. They already lost their head coach (rather pathetically) and now the search is on. I don’t see how Arthur Blank would have a tough time getting a coach interested. It is a team with some interesting talent and an owner who is more then willing to give them what they need.

My Prediction: N/A

Arizona : 8-8

No trouble at all. Ken Whisenhunt has turned the team around, and after 8 straight losing seasons landed a .500 record. They could be dangerous in the future.

My Prediction: Stay

Baltimore : 5-12

Yet, another team that has lost its coach. Brian Billick was let go today after only 4 winning seasons in his 9 seasons as the head man. This is too bad since he was such a class act and an over-all good guy, but when you have lost the locker-room (as it is being reported he did) it is time to go.

My Prediction: N/A

Buffalo : 7-9

Dick Jauron has led the team to 7-9 records in his first two seasons in Buffalo. Yet, it sounds as if he will be the man of the [near] future as well as GM Marv Levy stepped down, making it seem as if he was the fall guy. We’ll see.

My Prediction: Stay

Carolina : 7-9

There is always talk by “pundits” on how great of a coach John Fox really is. My question is this: “How should we judge a coach?” Isn’t the answer to this: results? Well, the results aren’t so hot. In his 6 seasons in Carolina he has two 11-5 season (One ending in a loss in the Super Bowl and one a loss in the NFC Championship), one 8-8 season and three 7-9 seasons. That is pretty mediocre. Consistency is what fans look for.

My Prediction: Stay

Cincinnati : 7-9

This is a tough one, because Marvin Lewis is a guy that everyone seems to like, but is he the kind of guy that will lead the Bengals to the playoffs? In five seasons he has one 11-5, three 8-8 and one 7-9 season. Another coach who has bred mediocrity. I think his days in Cincinnati may be numbered.

My Prediction: Go

Chicago : 7-9

Lovie, Lovie, Lovie… Lovie Smith took a team on the verge of picking first-overall to a team that went to the Superbowl. But I pose this query: Who the heck is your Quarterback of the future?

My Prediction: Stay

Denver : 7-9

I posed this to a co-worker who is a big Broncos fan and he felt that Mike Shanahan is a great coach but is spread too thin as the GM as well. If that is so, he may want to look into doing that. He is still the most consistent of all coaches in this discussion (9 winning seasons in 13 seasons). I don’t think he is in too much trouble.

My Prediction: Stay

Detroit : 7-9

Rod Marinelli should feel safe today as he sits in his office. He took over a 5-11 team with too many #1 receivers; they went 3-13 in his first season and raised them to 7-9. I think that he has at least 2 years of sub-.500 records before he is asked to leave.

My Prediction: Stay

Houston : 8-8

Is anyone in a better position then Gary Kubiak? He has one of the youngest, most-talented teams in the league. If he is able to make a couple decent moves in the next few years they will be in the playoff picture.

My Prediction: Stay

Kansas City : 4-12

Injuries may have hampered the team’s chances, especially when they weren’t able to count on Larry Johnson, but Herm Edwards can feel the breath on his neck. If he doesn’t turn it around he may be a coordinator somewhere.

My Prediction: Stay if only because of the injury defense

Miami : 1-15

Parcells has started to shake things up and we will probably know soon whether Cam Cameron will be sticking around or not. I believe that you can’t fire a coach after one year, but now that there is a “Tuna” in the front-office I don’t think that anyone is safe…especially after a one win season.

My Prediction: Stay, but the “Tuna” may have different plans

Minnesota : 8-8

Sure there is no “Love Boat” but it always sounds like the players don’t respect Brad Childress. That could prove poor for the man who took over a 9-7 team and in two years hasn’t gotten back to that mark.

My Prediction: Go

New Orleans : 7-9

Sean Payton took a team last year that was reeling after the destruction of their city all the way to the NFC Championship game. This year they fell short, but also dealt with a lot of injuries. I have a feeling that because of his winning season he will have a “gimme” this year and will be back.

My Prediction: Stay

NY Jets : 4-12

The 10-win season last year will hold the “boo-birds” at bay at least for one more year. If Eric Mangini can turn it around he should be fine, but in the win-now NFL he needs to turn it around fast.

My Prediction: Stay

Oakland : 4-12

This team may not have won a lot but they seemed to have gotten better. They still have issues at QB but it looks like JaMarcus Russell is the answer, and that should help to keep Lane Kiffin his job. If they can make a fewmoves in the draft and in the off-season Al Davis may have some more jewelry to go with his track suit.

My Prediction: Stay

Philadelphia : 8-8

There is no way that Andy Reid will be fired, though he may take some time off with the state of his children. There will be some wholesale changes with the team, but I don’t see the front office (Coach included) going anywhere.

My Prediction: Stay

San Francisco : 5-11

This is a tough one, simply because of the man. The team is bad, they have issues with their franchise QB and the Defense is losing some guys this year. The up-side? Frank Gore, Patrick Willis and the young Secondary. They are young and will lead the team for the near future. But is it enough to keep Mike Nolan his job? I don’t think so.

My Prediction: Go, even though it would be stupid to give this team it’s 3 rd coach in six years.

St. Louis : 3-13

Was it injuries or bad coaching that led the Rams to the bottom of the division this season? What happened to Steven Jackson and Marc Bulger? These questions may be enough to ensure Scott Linehan …but won’t give him security. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get fired mid-season if this team continues to struggle in 2008.

My Prediction: Stay.

There you have it, each of the .500 and below teams and the probable futures of their coaches. Now, I am no insider so I can’t say this has any backing at all, but I feel the speculation is sound. Especially in the volatile market that is the NFL Front Office.

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