From: TheSportsPoint

As you may or may not have heard Floyd Mayweather will be a participant in Wrestlemania XXIV next month at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. For his participation in Wrestlemania, Mayweather will receive a $20 million dollar pay day. Now we get that he is doing this for the money and that wrestling is fake so he is not likely to get hurt. On the flip side of that he is actually going to wrestle someone one on one he will not be a manager a la "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart or a bodyguard like Virgil was to the Million Dollar Man. The man he will be wrestling, "The Big Show", from our research ways 400 lbs and Floyd is in the 150 range. If this match deviates from the "script" and Floyd gets slammed the wrong way, sat on in the wrong place, or for heavens sake breaks his hand while punching "The Big Show", what then? Mayweather is one of the few things boxing has going for it right now and the sport itself would not be able to withstand something unforeseen happening to arguably its biggest star.

If Mayweather was retired then this would be a great move for him. The thing is that Mayweather is super popular and has plenty of money so why risk your future boxing legacy on a WWE match? We know Mayweather fans that were ticked off when he was to appear on Dancing with the Stars feeling he could possibly get injured, we wonder how nervous they will be when he is wrestling a 400 pound behemoth. The timing of this appearance is a little strange from the fact that Mayweather is supposed to fight Oscar De La Hoya in a rematch this upcoming September. This will be the sequel to their epic bout of last May in which Mayweather won by a split decision. So now that we have stated our feelings on this issue, we ask you is it a good idea for Mayweather to make this WWE appearance?

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