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There is an alarming trend in America. The classic gym time game of dodgeball is being banned in some states.

You remember dodgeball right? I have wonderful memories of by far my strongest sport. Had a knack for catching the ball and was a tremendous dodger. But that's beside the point.

For the last several years schools in New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Maryland have banned the sport. Why you ask? Many parents (mostly mothers from the stories I'm reading) as well as educators in the schools have been trying to protect their young sons and daughters from being part of a violent game. It teaches the strong to beat up on the weak. A kid's self-esteem can be damaged by getting hit in the chest with a red, rubber ball. We should teach the children not to use humans as a target.

But it doesn't stop there, a Colorado Springs elementary school last year banned the game of tag. Ditto in Connecticut because if a kid gets injured the school could be held liable which means lawsuit which means possible loss of money/funding. Even the Massachusetts youth soccer program banned keeping score in games also because of self-esteem fears!!!! Again....the topic is dodgeball, but the bans and the excuses are similar across the board.

I'm ready to go out on a mini rant here because all of those "excuses" for taking away dodgeball are a pile of horse crap.

Strong Beat up on Weak

Are you serious? There are strong people and weak people? You mean to tell me we can't just be equally weak or strong? Dodgeball separates the strong from the weak. Unless you want your kid to be weak, you address the situation and make s/he STRONGER!!!


Depends on what ball you're using. If you're using shot puts for dodgeball then of course you would ban it. But injuries are a part of growing up. I remember playing dodgeball 4 years ago and I jumped high to avoid a ball thrown at my legs. I avoided the ball but I landed awkwardly and sprained my ankle. If the same people that ban dodgeball were the mothers and fathers of football players we wouldn't have a league.

Do you really think that going your whole childhood without sustaining one injury is going to solve anything when you're out in the real world?

Self Esteem

I've played dodgeball most of my life....never hurt my self-esteem when I got hit badly or my team got pummeled. I will defer that to the proud parents of ArmchairGM for their opinion on that one.

Lastly, if you want to ban dodgeball because of "human targeting" and "self-esteem" and "injuries", you should ban the following and/or change the rules for:

  • Baseball. If you're a pitcher (Jeff Weaver) and you allow 4 dingers in one inning your self-esteem is going to drop dramatically. Also, pitcher is throwing baseball at catcher, making the catcher a human target. No one is out, everyone is safe.
  • Football. The goal is to get the football, but there is so much tackling and human targeting and violence that this sport should be outlawed, no need to change the rules.
  • Basketball. Players can no longer take charges, handle the ball for longer than 5 seconds (sharing is caring people!).
  • Hockey. Uh huh.
  • Ban PE!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to lose it, it's your turn now.

In my opinion, banning all of these sports like dodgeball and making kids not play tag or keep score in soccer is going to make them as wimpy as hell in the future.



If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball.....I couldn't resist.

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