(Admins: Note this has been edited, removing the last sentence from the previous writing) Remember the movie "Bull Durham" where Tim Robbins is wearing a pair of Susan Sarrandon's panties? Well, it seems that New York Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi is auditioning for the role of Ebby "Nuke" LaLoosh if they ever do a sequel or a remake. The Daily News reported — on the front page, no less — that he often wears a gold thong under his uniform pants when trying to snap out of a slump.


Now I know the Yankees are in last place in the AL East behind Toronto but this is a bit much. And Giambi's not the only one. Several teammates acknowledged they've tried wearing it, too, including Yankees captain Derek Jeter and outfielder Johnny Damon. I can't see A Rod or Posada doing that. I can just see the Babe spinning in his grave if he were to get wind of this.

The scene in the locker room would look something like this. Giambi puts the thong on and along comes A Rod, who slaps him on the butt and says, "The bow goes in front, dude." Bad visual. Really bad visual.

Maybe this secret needed to be buried in the concrete at the new stadium. Some things are best kept out of the public eye. Just play better baseball, guys. Winning cures all ills.

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