Good question! Glad it has an answer now! Considering this cat was the sickest cat in the league a few years back…Seemingly earning him League MVP honors. Although that’s the past and presently SA37 has fallen off the face of the earth since then…Aww yes, the life story of a running back in the NFL today. One day chicken, the next day feathers.

Still the question remains, why hasn’t this guy landed on a roster yet? Surely a team can use his talents, (whatever that means today). Well good news, this unsolved mystery appears to be solved! And we can all thank a writer named Shannon J. Owens for uncovering the real reason, in an article in the Orlando Sentinel this weekend that is so ignorant and off the wall that it would be offensive if it weren't so easy to dismiss. Hell, it makes not having Victoria Secrets Gopher Gear and UCF’s new tailgating bylaws actually have merit behind them! Yeah well, that’s the Sentinel for ya! Normally I’d be surprised by this stupidity, but given the source, (Orlando Sentinel) well that explains it all!

Somehow this jagoffette suggests that the reason former Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander is not currently under contract to an NFL team is that he's a devout Christian. Owens writes that Alexander's devotion to his church makes him "a pariah to some NFL general managers." Intersting, to say the least! Although, I suppose it should be no surprise that Shannon’s last name is Owens after this completely off the wall remark! What’s up with this last name? It’s obvious to me that they aren’t born with the thinking sense!

If Ms. Shannon could think and knew anything about the game of football, she’d know that Alexander is "a pariah" to NFL GM’s because he's a bad player, plain and simple. He's averaged three and a half yards a carry the last two years, and he turns 31 before the season starts. Um yeah, typically NFL teams like a little more production than 3.5 yards per carry over the past two seasons…That’s why he’s "a pariah"! Oh that and his age! Somehow suggesting that he’s not currently under contract to an NFL team due to his devotion to his church can be definitely construed as a form of racism on the religious level! It’s sure as hell stereotyping! Are you suggesting this or it’s on the GM’S? HMM?

It’s crystal clear to see that this broad has no idea what she’s talking about…Never heard of Tony Dungy I guess? He has other agendas on his plate of life besides football, however somehow for whatever reason has no problems being employed…Wonder why that is? Oh yeah, he WINS! He gets the job DONE! The fact of the matter is that a majority of NFL owners, general managers, coaches and players are Christians. There is no anti-Christian bias in the NFL. There's an anti-bad player bias. They aren’t out get getcha! This isn’t some "race issue" that so many feels exists in the league! But kudos to you Ms. Moronette for somehow trying to pin Alexander’s being jobless on religion…Can’t definitely say, ain’t never heard this kind of stupidity before! I guess the saying is right, "There’s an idiot born every minute!" Thanks Shannon for proving that statement correct!

And people wonder why the media gets a bad wrap…It’s for idiot shit like this! Sad part about it, she gets paid to write her stupidity! Hey Shannon, rule number one about football…If you're a bad football player, you can't get a job, thus the case with Alexander. Rule number one about journalism…If you’re a bad writer, well I guess you still can get a job! Just look at Shannon Owens!

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